About Hispania Schools

As an organization dedicated to provide students with the best quality Spanish courses, Hispania Schools offers our clients the possibility of learning Spanish in 10 different Spanish cities as well as in Latin America.
With more than 30 years of experience in the field, we feel very confident to be able to provide high quality services to our students. Our experience has given us a great knowledge about the learning processes that a student of a foreign language needs to undertake to achieve the best levels of learning. As well as what are the best teaching methods.
We know the doubts that all students who travel abroad have when choosing a Spanish school and that it is difficult to place our trust in a school that we do not know and that is located thousands of kilometers from our city. And that is why we make sure that all our schools provide the best services at all times.
For this reason, our mission in Hispania Schools is to give you the confidence that you require and to make sure that your experience will always be satisfactory: with Hispania Schools you will have continuous support from the moment you choose to study in Spain, during your stay and even at the end of your studies.
Get in contact with us and get immediate assistance about different destinations, courses and accommodation in Spain and Latin America.

Our Philosophy

As former language students and travelers, at Hispania Schools we feel passionate about our work. Being able to understand and speak a new language, the knowledge that is acquired and will serve for the rest of life and the immense personal growth that gives a trip abroad are incredibly valuable experiences and in many cases a necessity for the development of a career.
We think that each person is a unique individual, with unique personal needs, unique dreams and unique goals.
As a company we work hard to provide each of our clients with the best personalized service and to be able to fulfill their wishes in their experience learning a new language abroad.
Our goal is to make your dreams come true.

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