School Activities

Activities and Free Time

Our Spanish schools offer a program of weekly extracurricular activities in which students can get to know the city and enjoy their free time while learning Spanish in everyday situations and delving into Spanish culture.

Enjoy and Learn

For all tastes: From exploring the history and art of the city to experiencing the daily life of Spanish culture and its traditions.
Discover all that Spain has to offer with Hispania Schools!
*Most activities are free or available at affordable prices.

Some of our Activities:

Welcome party

Meet your classmates and teachers at the welcome party. Once a week our schools hold a get-together at a nearby bar where students can meet over a glass of sangria.

Language Exchange

Join our language exchanges! Practice your Spanish using what you learned in class. You will be able to meet both Spaniards and interesting people from all over the world.

Guided Tours

Spain is a vibrant country with plenty of things to do and places to visit. In order to have a better experience you must know the city where you are going to live and there is no better way to do it than with Hispania Schools. You will be able to participate in cultural visits organized by the school in which you will discover the most important places in the city and receive cultural, gastronomic information, etc. As well as practical tips that will help you navigate the city with ease.

Weekend excursions

Our schools organize guided excursions to places of cultural and tourist interest in nearby cities so that students can experience the Spanish culture as much as possible. Excursions can be for a single day or a full weekend depending on the place visited. Make the most of your adventure with Hispania Schools!

Salsa and Flamenco classes

As a complement to the Spanish courses for foreigners, the schools offer the possibility of taking flamenco, salsa and bachata dance courses with teachers specialized in group dance, making it a more fun experience.

Sports and Water Activities

If you are passionate about sports, water and the beach you will like the sports activities offered by our schools. You can surf, paddle surf, kayak routes or play beach-volley with your schoolmates. With the best climate in Europe, you can do these activities most of the year.

Tapas Tour

One of the best ways to learn Spanish and its culture is to share experiences with classmates outside the classroom, which is why our schools take a tour of the city's best-known bars and restaurants. On this tour you will be able to contemplate the history of Spanish gastronomy first-hand, trying typical Spanish food and drinks.

Cooking Lessons

One of the star activities offered by our schools are Spanish cooking classes. Students will learn, in practical cooking classes, to prepare the most typical dishes of Spanish cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all our schools offer a weekly activity plan throughout the year.

Our schools offer all kinds of activities, always trying to make students get to know the culture of the city and have fun on their study trip.

Most of the activities offered are completely free. There are some activities in which the student has to pay for the means of transport if it is necessary to go to a place far from the city or in other cases pay the entrance fee to museums, events, etc… In the case of weekend excursions, the price is higher.


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