• Courses only start Mondays.
  • Courses always finish on Friday
  • Tell us if you have any special requirements

Check Availability


In the case of a last minute trip, if for any reason you have not been able to make the registration in time, it is also possible to book a course with us.
We can not guarantee you a place in our schools after the deadline of 14 days but most of the times we are able to find a last minute arrangement.
If this is your case and you want to make a last minute reservation, fill up the form with the details of your choice and we will do everything possible to arrange your trip.


As a general rule, in most of our schools, courses start every Monday. In some schools courses for absolute beginners, because there are fewer students of this level, can only start on certain dates. If you are an absolute beginner in Spanish and you want to know the start date of your course, choose the city in which you want to study and click on the page “courses”. There you will find the start dates of each course and each level.


  • Once the you fill up the form, you will receive an email with the confirmation of availability of your course and the price.