Important Information

Courses start dates

As a general rule, in most of our schools, courses start every Monday. In some schools courses for absolute beginners, because there are fewer students of this level, can only start on certain dates. If you are an absolute beginner in Spanish and you want to know the start date of your course, choose the city in which you want to study and click on the page “courses”. There you will find the start dates of each course and each level.

Registration deadline

Hispania Schools guarantees a place in any of our schools as long as the registration is made at least 14 days before the start date of the course.

Last minute registration

In the case of a last minute trip, if for any reason you have not been able to make the registration in time, it is also possible to book a course with us.
We can not guarantee you a place in our schools after the deadline of 14 days but most of the times we are able to find a last minute arrangement.
If this is your case and you want to make a last minute reservation, contact us and we will do everything possible so that you can take a course at the destination of your choice.

Arrival and departure

Courses in our schools always start on Monday and end on Friday. 
If you have chosen the option to book an accommodation with us, the arrival to your new home will always be the Sunday before your courses start and you will have to leave the Saturday after completing your course.
The exact time of arrival and departure of the accommodation depends on the city in which you want to take the Spanish course. To find the exact schedule go to the page of the city in which you want to study and click on “prices”, there you will find the information you need.

First day

The schedule of the first day of the course can be a little different from the normal schedule, in some schools a level test is done or there is a short explanation for new students before the beginning of the course which means that you will enter a little earlier to the school. After you have completed a reservation at one of our schools we will send you a confirmation letter with all the details about the first day of the course.

Bank holidays

Each country has its own national holidays and each city its own local holidays. In order to give a better service to the student our schools do not always close on bank holidays and when they do school classes are often recovered.
In the page -prices- of each city you can find the dates of the bank holidays in which the school closes and the dates in which it closes but classes are recovered.

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