Activities in Nerja

Our school in Nerja is not only concerned about Spanish classes. We believe that having fun is just as important! For this reason, a calendar of activities is prepared in which possibilities for all tastes are included. The activities give the students the chance to get to know each other, to adapt to the life of the city and to Spanish customs. There is no better way to integrate than having fun!
There are activities throughout the week, some are completely free and others require a small contribution.
These are some of the activities you will find during your stay in Nerja:


This tiny village, winner of several prizes for its beauty, it is situated 300 metres above sea level and It is one of the so-called “white villages” of the region of Axarquia.
It is famous for its characteristic wine, made with sultanas (sun-dried grapes), cane sugar and molasses which are produced by “Ingenio”, the only sugar factory that still manufactures this product in Europe.


Our students learn to cook some of the most typical and delicious dishes of Spanish cuisine such as the paella. They also learn to prepare the popular Spanish party drink: sangria. During which time they practice Spanish and learn the tricks and secrets of cooking in order to recreate at home.


There is no better way to discover this typical Spanish custom than to come with us on a tour of the most typical tapas bars in Nerja and enjoy a magnificent selection of the region’s gastronomy, accompanied with good wine or a refreshing beer. This activity is the perfect opportunity to put the Spanish you have learnt into practice in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere always accompanied by a teacher.


With this water sport you have the chance to have fun kayaking around the coast, enjoying the coves of the amazing Maro-Cerro Gordo cliffs. This local nature reserve is a place with great environmental value because of its extraordinary geological formations and its impressive biodiversity that includes both coastline and ocean.


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