Our Guarantee

Best Quality schools

All our schools are accredited centers by the: Cervantes Institute for the Teaching of the Spanish Language.

What is the Cervantes Institute?
In its own words as it appears in it official web: “The Cervantes Institute is the public institution created by Spain in 1991 to universally promote the teaching, study and use of Spanish and contribute to the dissemination of Hispanic cultures abroad.” His Honor Presidency corresponds to S.M. The King of Spain and the Executive Presidency is exercised by the President of the Spanish Government.
Among other functions:
To issue, on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, the official diplomas of Spanish DELE, the only official diploma on knowledge of the internationally recognized Spanish language, and to organize the examinations for its obtaining.
Accredit public and private institutions as centers for the teaching of the Spanish Language. This is carried out through the SACIC (SISTEMA ACREDITACIÓN CENTROS INSTITUTO CERVANTES)
What is the Cervantes Institute Accreditation System for Institutions Teaching Spanish (SACIC)?
SACIC is a comprehensive system that defines the conditions, requirements and criteria to be met by institutions teaching Spanish as a foreign language as concerns their academic activity, teaching staff, premises and facilities, administration, information and advertising.
Accredited institutions must conclude an agreement with the Cervantes Institute, prior to which a favorable report must be issued verifying that they meet the technical and academic standards established and comply with all legal formalities required to engage in educational activities.
A favorable technical-academic report is contingent upon an exhaustive assessment of the following areas of the institution’s activity:
1. Academic activity and teaching quality
1.1. Educational planning that ensures suitable learning progress
1.2. Qualified teaching staff
1.3. Effective methodology suited to students’ needs
1.4. Evaluation of knowledge
1.5. Student progress counseling
2. Premises and facilities
2.1. Suitable premises and furnishings
2.2. Duly equipped classrooms
2.3. Sufficient materials and facilities
3. Administration
3.1. Efficient administration and customer service-oriented organization model
3.2. Qualified administrative staff
3.3. Veracity and accuracy of certificates and administrative documents
3.4. Supplementary services
4. Information and advertising
4.1. Complete, detailed information
4.2. Offering accurately reflected
4.3. Itemised list of course registration and supplementary service fees
Students choosing Cervantes Institute-accredited institution to learn Spanish are ensured that it:
– It is compliant with all legal formalities required to provide education services.
– You have a teaching program in place that guarantees students’ learning progress.
– Have a qualified teaching staff.
– Adapts its methodology to students.
– Routinely assesses its programs and courses.
– Encourages students to sit the exams to earn a diploma in Spanish as a foreign language (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign            Language, (DELEs) at the institution itself or at nearby examination centers.
– Counsels students on their progress.
– You have satisfactorily equipped classrooms and other educational facilities.
– You have nimble procedures in place to ascertain users’ opinions.
– Responds to students’ complaints and claims.
– Furnishes itemised information on the courses and services offered.
– Advertises its offering accurately and straightforwardly.

Problems Solving and Support

In all our schools we strive to fulfill your primary objective: to learn Spanish efficiently with good teachers, methodology and updated didactics, in adequate facilities, with a complete program of activities and with an administrative staff that will help you and will take into account your suggestions and, where appropriate, your complaints or claims.
Regarding the problems that may arise, our centers try, whenever possible, to adapt to your preferences. We give you some examples:

Multiple options

The first thing we offer you is a range of cities and schools to choose from, with different types of accommodation, courses and different activities. 


Is there a course at your level in the morning and another one in the afternoon and you want to change hours? If there is a possibility, if the maximum number of students is not exceeded, why do not do it?

Host families

We know that most of the students who have been living with our families have found the experience positive or very positive. That’s why we continue to collaborate with them. But if you do not like certain aspects of the family you are staying with, the school will mediate and try to solve the problem and if it is not solved we will move you as soon as possible.

Shared Apartments

If the school has assigned you an apartment and then you find another apartment of the school that you like more for some reason, situation, the people who live in it… Well, if there is a free room and it is not already reserved, you could move.

Hispania Schools mediation

Above we have shown some examples of how problems caused by student preferences are usually solved: In case you have exposed a problem to the school and believe that it has not been solved correctly you should immediately inform Hispania Schools and we will look for a solution with the school contacting them and in case they act inappropriately and do not rectify in three days, your registration will be canceled and you will receive the refund of the part of the course and accommodation that you have not yet consumed.

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