10 Reasons to Learn Spanish

The importance of the Spanish language

With more than 470 million speakers, the Spanish language is the second most spoken language in the world by number of native speakers. Several studies predict that this number will increase up to 530 million by 2050, of which 100 million will be from the United States. The Spanish language is spoken in 21 countries as first language. The importance of Spanish in the world is immense, not only in numbers but also as part of a culture that has been able to change the course of history. All these facts explains why there are more than 21 million students learning Spanish around the world every year.

Will help you with your career

Learning Spanish will help you to open many doors throughout your life. Not only can you develop a career directly related to the language itself as a Spanish teacher or a translator, but will help in many other professions in which the Spanish language is a necessity in sectors such as trade, catering, tourism and many others. Learning Spanish will boost your curriculum and help you to compete in today’s globalized world.

You will make friends for life

Traveling is a fantastic way to meet new people and if you come to one of our Spanish schools it will be much easier. You will make friends from the first day of your course. Schools facilitate this process by planning activities in which students  participate and meet other students from the school. Soon you will find yourself partying, going to local restaurants and enjoying time with new friends. Students who share their experience in another country create bonds that will last a lifetime.

Will help you to learn a second foreign language

Many studies have demostrated that learning a new language helps when it comes to learning a second foreign language. This process is understandable, students develop the necessary skills to understand, speak, write and communicate in another language but in fact not only do they learn the language they are interested in, instead they actually learn to “learn” a new language. Therefore when the student faces the same challenge again and tries a second language he will find himself half way through the process and will be able to achieve his goal much faster and with less difficulties than the first time.


Who does not like to travel? Learning a language can be the perfect excuse to take a trip. Meeting new people, discovering new places and finding yourself surrounded by a completely new culture will be a lifetime experience. Choosing Hispania Schools will be the best option to make sure that your language study trip fulfills all your expectations.

Experience change

We all need a change from time to time. Throughout our lifes there are always moments when we all feel blocked and need something new but many times we do not really know what to do. In this case traveling to another country and learning a new language is one of the best options to begin that change. Nice and open people, a pleasent enviroment and a new challenge might be the change you need!

Get to know a new culture

When you travel or live abroad, you will have the opportunity to see things you may not otherwise see, and do fun and unique things that you can’t do in your home country. Exploring a new culture by discovering its music, trying new foods and learning about the history, traditions and language of your destination not only enriches you as an individual, but also adds valuable life experience that you will remember in old age.

Communicate with Spanish speakers in your own country

Learning Spanish will help you to communicate with foreigners that live in your own country. The world is full of Spanish speakers, not only in Spanish speaking countries but all over world. Spaniards and South Americans are adventurous people by nature and can be found everywhere, in addition to this, more than 21 million people learn Spanish every year. If you can speak the language you will have a tool that will open a door to find millions of new friends!

Easy to learn

The Spanish language is an easy language to learn for most foreigners. Spanish developed from Latin and shares its roots with other European languages, not only shares the linguistic base with French, Italian, Romanian, Portuguese and Catalan but Latin played a fundamental role in the development of many other European languages such as English or German. When you start learning Spanish you will notice that many words and grammatic structures are very similar to those used in other languages.
When you start your course you will find out that in reality Spanish is not difficult at all!

Learning a new language is amazing!

Learning a new language is one of the most fulfilling challenges that you can persue. The sense of accomplishment will be huge when only in a few weeks you will be able to begin to communicate with the locals and just in a few months you might find yourself having quite a good conversation in Spanish in a way that you thought impossible. This feeling of achievement plus new friends, experiences and adventures will make your learning challenge an unforgettable experience.

Would you like to learn Spanish in Spain?