Activities in Salamanca

Our school in Salamanca is not only concerned about Spanish classes. We believe that having fun is just as important! For this reason, a calendar of activities is prepared in which possibilities for all tastes are included. The activities give the students the chance to get to know each other, to adapt to the life of the city and to Spanish customs. There is no better way to integrate than having fun!
There are activities throughout the week, some are completely free and others require a small contribution.
These are some of the activities you will find during your stay in Salamaca:


  • A guided tour of the city of Salamanca
  • Sightseeing trips to other cultural cities and to traditional and picturesque villages
  • Visits to museums and exhibitions
  • Weekly screenings of Spanish speaking movies
  • Colloquiums and conferences about current events in Spain
  • Talks on Literature, Cinema and other aspects of the Spanish and Latin-American culture


  • Agreements with gyms to enrol for step aerobics, aerosalsa
  • Latin dancing: salsa, flamenco, sevillanas, cumbia, merengue, tango…
  • Get together to practice sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis…
  • Horse riding in the mountains of Salamanca
  • Outdoors activities in the countryside including walking, hiking, skiing, rafting, abseiling…


  • Wellcome and farewell parties
  • Tours of Salamanca’s tapas bars accompanied by teachers and other members of the staff who also go with the students to the films, concerts, plays…
  • Countryside outings for barbecues and Spanish cuisine competitions
  • Visits to wine cellars to enjoy a typical merienda
  • Paintball adventures in the countryside
  • Free internet for all students

Would you like to study Spanish in Salamanca?

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