Social Life

A study trip abroad is not just about going to school, your free time outside of class is just as important as the time you spend inside the class. Your social life will be a significant part of the adventure that is about to begin for you. With the activities that Hispania Schools offers you will have the opportunity to enjoy the life of the city, practice the language with locals and get to know your classmates better.

Spanish Culture

From the Sagrada Familia, built by the excentric Gaudi to the majestic alhambra of Granada that reveals the Spanish great Arab past, through the old university of Salamanca, the beautiful and quiet beaches of white sand of Cadiz or the famous Museo del Prado of Madrid. The great monuments, painting, sculpture and literature tell us about the Spanish culture and its history. Spain is also its lifestyle, its atmosphere and its people. Discover the joy of the people of Malaga, the sense of humor of the people of Cadiz, the busy life in Madrid where you can not stop for a minute or the sophisticated Barcelona. Discover Spain, its most recondite places, its art, what makes it unique. Immerse yourself in this delightful culture with Hispania Schools. 

Activities for everyone

When choosing a destination, it is very important to take into account the activities offered by each school. How you take advantage of your free time is essential, not only to enjoy the experience, but also to improve your language skills. The activities are included in the price or available at affordable prices. Would you like to surf on the beaches of Tenerife or Cadiz? Go out for tapas in Seville? Enjoy the nightlife of Barcelona? Visit the incredible landscapes of Granada? Maybe visit great monuments of Madrid? All our schools offer a complete program of activities for all tastes. 

Would you like to learn Spanish with us?