Spanish Courses in Spain

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Intensive courses

The Intensive Spanish courses are the most demanded by our students. You can choose between intensive courses of 2, 4 or 6 daily lessons depending upon your needs.

In the classes you will improve your communication skills, your oral and written comprehension and you will learn the different aspects of grammar. These classes have been developed to be dynamic, giving students the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice by interacting with each other and with the teacher. This will provide the right framework for smooth, effective, efficient and long-lasting learning.

Combined Courses

Combined courses are designed for students who want to enjoy all the benefits of learning in a group and individually.

These courses are the perfect combination of intensive courses and private classes:

In the group classes you will rapidly improve your level of competence in the Spanish language, learning the grammar and ith your classmates.

In our individual classes you will be given the chance to focus on the topics that interest you the most, focusing on your individual, specific needs.

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Exam Preparation

The exam preparation courses are designed for students who need to speak Spanish for work reasons or to gain access to university.

By taking our Exam Preparation courses you will develop the necessary skills to pass the exam and obtain the official certificate.

Our teachers are highly qualified and have extensive experience training groups of students every year to enable them to pass their exams.


Private classes

Private classes are the most flexible option available for our students. You can choose between the Individual 10, Individual 20 course or simply add the classes you want to your program, agreeing on the timetable with your teacher.

You will learn Spanish quickly and efficiently as the teacher will focus solely on your individual, personal needs. Together with your teacher, you will decide on which areas of the language you need to improve upon and you will receive a customised study plan tailored to your needs and, of course, this will be totally personalised.

Online courses

Online courses are the best option for students who prefer to study Spanish from home.

In the Online Intensive 10 and Online Intensive 20 courses you will develop your language skills in small groups.

In the Private Online courses you will get a completely personalised teaching experience.

Classes are held through interactive platforms making the experience of learning from home both enjoyable and effective.