Spanish School in Granada

All cities have their charm, Granada is theirs and that of all the others. Take a look at its magical places with Hispania Schools
From one week to a full academic year, from beginners level to advanced, HispaniaSchools has the Spanish course you need.
Learning a language is also learning the culture and getting to know other people who speak that language. Enjoy Granada with us.

Spanish School in Granada

Our Spanish school in Granada founded in 1997 is located in the heart of the city of Granada. Located in the Albaycin neighborhood known as a cultural district in a quiet pedestrian street and only 5 minutes from the Alhambra and the famous Elvira street. The surroundings of the school are known for their vibrant nightlife where you will find many bars, restaurants and clubs.
The school is located in a recently renovated historic building. With 3 floors and a terrace with panoramic views to the center of Granada, on the upper floors are fully equipped accommodations. The school has 7 classrooms and an interior courtyard where you can relax between classes.
At school you will find everything you need to learn Spanish with all kinds of materials for teaching: Books, movies, music, television, computer room and free wireless access in
The whole building.

Spanish courses in Granada

Our Spanish courses in Granada are designed for students of all levels, ages and nationalities. Many years of experience give us the confidence of being able to offer the best teaching methods of the Spanish language.
You can choose between intensive courses (the most chosen group classes), preparation for the official Spanish exam (DELE) or one to one lessons if you require knowledge on a particular subject or develop a specific skill of the language.
All our courses have been designed to make your learning experience as dynamic and efficient as possible.
Our teachers, all with university degrees and years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, form an enthusiastic and professional team always ready to support each of our students individually and always taking into account their personal needs.
Learn Spanish in Granada with Hispania Schools.

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Multi-city study trip

Why learn Spanish in a single city?
If you like to travel, meet people and discover new places, Hispania Schools offers you the opportunity to learn Spanish in more than one city on the same study trip.

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