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Buenos Aires is an incredible city where you can enjoy a varied cultural offer, a rich gastronomy, large green spaces and streets full of life. Enjoy a unique experience and discover Argentina while learning Spanish with Hispania Schools!

What does our school offfer?


All our schools regularly pass the most rigorous quality controls, thus certifying that they have a level of excellence in the teaching of the Spanish language, as well as facilities that promote learning and guarantee the complete satisfaction of our students during the course.

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

Located right in the centre of Buenos Aires, our school has modern facilities that favour interactive Spanish learning. Learn the language, enjoy this incredible city and live unique experiences with Hispania Schools.

High Quality Teaching

All teachers have an academic background, training and experience in language teaching. Lessons are planned with reference to the course programme and the learning and motivational needs of each student and the group.

About the school

The school is located in the center of Buenos Aires, near the renowned Plaza de Mayo and many restaurants and places of cultural interest such as the Colón Theater, the Kirchner Cultural Center, the Baralo Palace, the Plaza del Congreso and much more.

Hispania Schools Buenos Aires uses a total immersion integrated learning method. This means that you will learn Spanish 24 hours a day, in professionally led classes, informally at home with your host family (if you choose this option), and during extracurricular activities. Our approach is based on the idea that engaging in a combination of different language situations is the most efficient way to learn a foreign language.

The school has all the necessary facilities for the comfort and better learning of our Spanish students: – 16 spacious and bright classrooms (all with air conditioning and heating) – Internet, drinks, free coffee, library, lounge and a Rooftop terrace with incredible views of the city where you can relax during breaks.


Students Reviews


“Teachers, lessons, classes & homework exercises were all amazing! I feel like I learned a lot in a short time. Class material was very interesting and relevant! Lots of historical and cultural information too. I also enjoyed meeting the other students too. The school is super cute and comfortable”

“The teachers were incredibly nice and helped wherever they could! I learned so much more Spanish in a month of language course than in 2 years in school!”
United Kingdom
“The in-class presentation and practice of grammar was good. The conversation class was fun.”

School Address

Hispania Schools Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Calle Hipólito Yrigoyen 571, piso 4.
C1086AAG Buenos Aires

Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires

We offer a wide range of courses for students of all ages and levels. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, whether you choose private or group classes, at Hispania Schools we have the course you need.

What`s included?

School Accommodation

Our accommodation is always a maximum of 30 minutes distance from the school. We have accommodation with local host families, shared apartments and private apartments. With Hispania Schools you will find the accommodation that best suits your needs.

What´s included?

Accommodation Options

Shared Apartment
Host family

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Social Program in Buenos Aires

Enjoy the activities that our school in Buenos Aires offers while you learn Spanish with your classmates. Every week the school offers a different social program. Below are some of the activities that are regularly available:

Price Comparison

Easily compare the prices of the different courses and accommodation that our school in Buenos Aires offers. Just choose the number of weeks you want to stay with us to see the prices.

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Hispania Schools offers a free brochure to our students. You can download the brochure by clicking this button.

Shared Apartments

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If you want to live a new experience sharing an apartment with other international students, this is the perfect option for you. Our apartments have a fully equipped common kitchen, a living room with TV, a bathroom and from two to four bedrooms. You will also find bed linen, WIFI and a washing machine. Enjoy your stay and share unforgettable moments!

* Double rooms can only be booked by two students traveling together.


Host Families



If you want to live a complete immersion experience in the Spanish culture and learn the maximum of Spanish in the shortest time, this is the perfect option for you. You will be able to put into practice everything you learn in class with your host family. In addition, you can also enjoy Spanish food made at home, being able to choose between breakfast, half board or full board.

* Double rooms can only be booked by two students traveling together.


Walking Tours

extracurricular Buenos Aires

Insightful tours to discover the different districts of Buenos Aires. Every week, our school in Buenos Aires organizes two city tours to familiarize our students with the popular, as well as the less well-known neighborhoods. The tours are guided by experienced locals who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge. They provide an entertaining way to see the city that books or sightseeing tours cannot deliver. Instead of summarizing the main historical events our tours will give you individual narratives of the Argentine culture and its characteristics.

discover Buenos Ares with Academia

Participants will discover the different faces of Buenos Aires and can spot the different architectural influences due the great influx of European immigrants from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In addition to European architectural influences, Buenos Aires has many recent and modern buildings, reflecting its various urban transformations. During our guided tours, here are some of the things you will see:

  • The Colón Theatre, Latin America’s most important performance theatre
  • National Fine Arts Museum
  • MALBA, Latin-American contemporary art collection
  • Plaza de Mayo with the Presidential Palace, the National Cathedral and the Cabildo
  • The Argentine National Congress, a spectacular building inspired by the U. S. Capitol
  • The Barrio of San Telmo which has maintained the 18th and 19th century style
  • La Boca, site of the early European immigration and home to the Museo Quinquela Martín
  • Puerto Madero and Costanera, the ecological reserve
  • The Recoleta Cemetery

Besides getting insights on the diverse barrios and discovering hidden secrets of Buenos Aires we propose other theme-related activities with focus on famous argentines such as: Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Gardel, Eva Perón and many more. Tours are on foot and postponed in case of rain.

Tango classes & shows


Where else would you learn to tango or see an authentic show than in the capital of tango?

Argentina has rediscovered its tango roots and today Buenos Aires embraces this mysterious dance: tango music and dance can be found in various professional tango houses as well as in milonga bars. The presence of tango is so powerful that even inexperienced visitors bring up the courage to take tango lessons. With the help of the most experienced professors and the best tango academies, we will show you the secrets of this sensual argentine dance. 



Spanish Workshops


Free Spanish workshops to develop grammar, pronunciation or speaking skills.

Our school in Buenos Aires offers you two language workshops for free every week with focus on different language skills. The workshops last one hour and are tailor-made solutions in small groups.

The afternoon workshops are unique occasions to sharpen specific skills, focus on personal needs and to address common errors. We help our participants improve their Spanish, to successfully express themselves in Spanish and become more confident. To reach maximum proficiency, follow our other language learning tips:

  • find a conversation partner,
  • speak in Spanish with your classmates,
  • watch Argentinean TV and listen to the radio,
  • join our movie nights,
  • grab every opportunity to use the language on the street, in shops, restaurants etc.

Cinema Nights

Movie-Night (1) (1)

Once a week we invite our students to a special movie night taking place at our school in Buenos Aires.

We show movies by the most famous and renowned directors of Argentina and explain the history of Argentine cinema, with a focus on something different every week. We also encourage discussion and debates based on the films viewed . It’s no wonder that movie nights are popular parts of our program: they offer students more than only opportunities to improve their listening and conversational skills. Participants gain insights into Argentine cinema while spending quality social time together.

Sport Activities

In Buenos Aires, students are sure to get a dose of Latin-America’s best and most passionate football. Should you be interested, we will accompany you to the stadium for a Sunday afternoon match. Easily frightened folks beware! The rivalries between teams are fierce and matches often become chaotic, especially between two rival teams in Buenos Aires: River Plate and Boca Juniors. Attending a Sunday afternoon match is a great and heart-stopping way to experience Argentina’s passion for soccer.

students watching an argentne polo matchIt is equally recommended to attend a polo match. Your experience will be quite different: an amazing, but quieter scenario. You will witness a different economic level, relaxed habits on the stands spiced with high speed and risk on the field. You will be amazed by the players’ remarkable skills.

Students are also able to watch or practise other sports, like horseback riding, tennis, etc. in various clubs and gyms throughout Buenos Aires. The parks of Palermo are probably the locals favorite place to do their weekly exercises. If you like to boulder, we will be happy to put you in contact with a climbing center close-by the school.