In our schools we offer different accommodation options and in each one of them we try to make it as suitable as possible for you; to have everything necessary, to be comfortable and to be as close as possible to the school, generally less than twenty minutes on foot or by means of easily accessible transportation.
You will be four or five hours in classes from Monday to Friday, participate in activities and excursions and go out with your friends; but part of the day will take place in “your house” and it is essential that the place where you live is, for you, pleasant. Therefore, deciding the type of accommodation is a really important issue and logically depend on your character and how you want to live this experience.

Apartment or flats shared with other students

You will have a high degree of independence. You will only have to respect a minimum and logical rules of coexistence with respect to noise, maintaining a certain cleanliness of common areas between visit and visit of the cleaner and be respectful with your flatmates when a friend visits you. Other than that nobody is going to tell you at what time you have to go to bed, get up, eat or shower, if you participate in a common meal or if you prefer to cook and eat alone.
On the other hand, we all like to have relationships with others; We are social beings. In schools, relationships are first with the people you live with, be it in a family or in a shared apartment, with the classmates of the group in which you study, and, finally, during activities and breaks, with all the students, teachers and other school personnel.
Normally the students who share a house maintain a cordial relationship: they cook and eat many times together, invite other friends from school or local firends to the house, go to school and go out together. You will live with students from other countries and cultures and you can get to make good friends.

Host Families

Besides having the opportunity to practice Spanish outside the classes, living in a family means having a good traditional meal of the country ready when you return from school, an orderly house, clean sheets and towels and the washing of your clothes. Some students describe this as a kind of exclusive hostel. Others say that although it is true that “mother there is only one” a family of the school gives them the opportunity to temporarily have another one that takes good care of them; and, often, not only in those practical facts but also in a relationship of affection.
For many it is even more important to know how is the daily life of a family in the country where they study, the relationships between their members, the things that interest them, their favorite television programs, how they react to small daily problems and what attitude they have confronting the cultural and social issues that we live in our time.
Logically it is necessary to maintain certain minimum standards of “your” family on the schedule of meals, laundry, inviting visitors and maintaining a certain order in your room. Apart from that, if you are of age, you will have the greatest freedom in how you organize your time; when you go out, what you do outside the house and at what time you come back.


If you want to have the most absolute independence because you are used to living alone or if during your stay you want to live only with your partner or with a friend, a single or double study is an adequate accommodation that some schools can offer.

Students Residence

Some schools offer the possibility of staying in a residence where in addition to the room and common areas – which may include garden, swimming pool … – there is the possibility of booking the room including meals. In other words: a kind of hostel exclusively for students of the school.

Without accommodation

All of our schools also accept students who manage accommodation for themselves independently of the school.

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