Combined 20+10


All Levels: A1 – C2


1 to 52 weeks

Start dates

Every monday


+ 16

Combined Spanish Course 20+10

The combined Spanish courses facilitate the learning of the language through group and private classes. The COMBINED 20 + 10 course is made up of 4 group Spanish lessons and 2 daily private lessons.

Course description:

If you want to take advantage of your stay to learn as much Spanish as possible, this is the recommended option for you. This is the most intensive course we offer and in which you will achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. 

The combined course 20 + 10 is comprises:

* 4 daily group lessons (Monday to Friday) in which you will improve all language skills: reading, listening comprehension, oral expression and writing.

* 2 daily private lessons (Monday to Friday) in which you can decide together with your teacher the area of the language upon which you want to improve and make a completely personalised study plan.

Course results:

By taking this course of four group lessons and two private lessons you will:

  • Improve in all aspects of the language quickly and efficiently thanks to the 6 daily Spanish lessons.

  • Get a true immersion using the 4 group lessons to improve in the most interactive areas and the 2 private lessons to delve into the topics where you have the most difficulties.

  • Expand your job work opportunities, whether you want to stay in Spain or develop a job in your country where you need to use Spanish.

  • Increase your knowledge about Spanish culture and traditions.

  • Meet and make friends with people from all over the world with whom you will share a common goal: learning Spanish. 

Student profile:

The 20+10 Intensive course is aimed at adults of all ages and levels who want to learn the language quickly and effectively given the daily intensity and the combination of group and private lessons.

This course is perfect for students who have a special interest in learning the language and also want to spend their time studying the language.

It is designed for students who need Spanish in their workplace or people who want to move to Spain for work or study.

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Frequently asked questions about our courses

Yes, Hispania Schools offers the possibility of studying Spanish in several cities on the same study trip. We make sure that when you change cities you continue the course at the same point where you left off. We help you find a new accommodation and we offer you a transfer service from the station to your new home. You just have to plan the trip from one city to another and we take care of everything else!

If you want to know more click here Multi-Destination Study Trip


In most of our schools, Spanish courses start every Monday. In some destinations there are specific start dates for absolute beginners (students without any previous knowledge). There may also be specific start dates for special courses such as exam preparation courses, etc.

If you need more information, contact us and we will solve all your doubts.

Each of our schools has its own policy regarding holidays. In some, classes will be made up at a different time or missed hours will be deducted. You can see the dates of the holidays and whether or not they are recovered on the registration form.

If you want to take a few weeks off during your study trip, this is possible. You must communicate with us in advance. Visit the school office and the secretariat will advisie you on everything you need. If you must apply for a visa for your course, it is important that you check with the embassy if this affects your student visa application.

Yes, you can extend your course after arrival. However, it is always best to book in advance to ensure availability, especially if you are booking accommodation. In high season, accommodation availability is limited.

Yes, you will receive a certificate on the last day of your course but keep in mind that to obtain it you must attend class regularly.

Yes, all teachers are native.

The number of students in the classes may vary depending on the destination and the course you choose. You can see this information on the page of each destination.

Most of our students over the age of 50 prefer to participate in general programs with students of all ages. The 50+ courses include a leisure program and take place on specific dates. If it is important for you to study with students of your own age, contact us for more details.

You can take the level test on our website to get an estimate of your level before enrolling. However, before starting your course you must take a specific test to ensure that you have chosen the correct level. Depending on the destination, you can take the test in advance online or on the first day of class at the school.

You just need to talk to the school secretary and they will inform you of the possibilities of transferring to another group.


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