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Cuzco is a beautiful, surprising, unique city full of magic. Its streets are full of history, witnessed by its monuments, imposing buildings, and traditions. Studying Spanish in Cuzco is a unique and incredible experience, the mixture of cultures, the charm of its surroundings and the vibrant local folklore will make your Spanish learning experience enriching and unforgettable. Come to Cuzco to discover the magic of this unique place with Hispania Schools.

What does our school offfer?


All our schools regularly pass the most rigorous quality controls, thus certifying that they have a level of excellence in the teaching of the Spanish language, as well as facilities that promote learning and guarantee the complete satisfaction of our students during the course.

Learn Spanish in Cuzco

Located right in the centre of Cuzco, our school has modern facilities that favour interactive Spanish learning. Learn the language, enjoy this incredible city and live unique experiences with Hispania Schools.

The highest quality Spanish schools

Our school is open and has all the necessary security measures to guarantee the well-being of students during their stay.

About the school

The school is located in the center of Buenos Aires, near the renowned Plaza de Mayo and many restaurants and places of cultural interest such as the Colón Theater, the Kirchner Cultural Center, the Baralo Palace, the Plaza del Congreso and much more.

Hispania Schools Buenos Aires uses a total immersion integrated learning method. This means that you will learn Spanish 24 hours a day, in professionally led classes, informally at home with your host family (if you choose this option), and during extracurricular activities. Our approach is based on the idea that engaging in a combination of different language situations is the most efficient way to learn a foreign language.

The school has all the necessary facilities for the comfort and better learning of our Spanish students: – 16 spacious and bright classrooms (all with air conditioning and heating) – Internet, drinks, free coffee, library, lounge and a Rooftop terrace with incredible views of the city where you can relax during breaks.


Students Reviews


“Teachers, lessons, classes & homework exercises were all amazing! I feel like I learned a lot in a short time. Class material was very interesting and relevant! Lots of historical and cultural information too. I also enjoyed meeting the other students too. The school is super cute and comfortable”

“The teachers were incredibly nice and helped wherever they could! I learned so much more Spanish in a month of language course than in 2 years in school!”
United Kingdom
“The in-class presentation and practice of grammar was good. The conversation class was fun.”

School Address

Hispania Schools Cuzco
Calle Carmen Alto
08003 Cuzco

Spanish Courses in Cuzco

We offer a wide range of courses for students of all ages and levels. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, whether you choose private or group classes, at Hispania Schools we have the course you need.

What`s included?

School Accommodation

Our accommodation is always a maximum of 30 minutes distance from the school. We have accommodation with local host families, shared apartments and private apartments. With Hispania Schools you will find the accommodation that best suits your needs.

What´s included?

Accommodation Options

Host family

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Social Program in Cuzco

Enjoy the activities that our school in Cuzco offers while you learn Spanish with your classmates. Every week the school offers a different social program. Below are some of the activities that are regularly available:

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Easily compare the prices of the different courses and accommodation that our school in Cuzco offers. Just choose the number of weeks you want to stay with us to see the prices.

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Host Families



If you want to live a complete immersion experience in the Spanish culture and learn the maximum of Spanish in the shortest time, this is the perfect option for you. You will be able to put into practice everything you learn in class with your host family. In addition, you can also enjoy Spanish food made at home, being able to choose between breakfast, half board or full board.

* Double rooms can only be booked by two students traveling together.


Guided visits

Discovering Montevideo


The following are some of the tours we offer during our weekly excursions:

Walking tours: A unique opportunity to get to know the city’s spirit, take a guided historical and cultural tour through some of the most emblematic neighbourhoods of Montevideo. Feel the beat of the drums and uncover the African culture in Barrio Sur and Palermo, travel to colonial times in the Ciudad Vieja, rediscover the 19th and 20th century in El Prado and stumble upon hidden architectural treasures in Pocitos and Punta Carretas…

IMG_5530Museums: Walking through Montevideo you will find more than a dozen museums, mostly located in Centro and the Ciudad Vieja. We invite you to visit a variety of permanent and travelling exhibitions on display, allowing you to learn plenty about Montevideo’s history as well as the history of Uruguay in general.

Here in Montevideo there is plenty to uncover, from the city’s origin as a colony in Cabildo to the home of our first President Fructuoso Rivera. If you’re interested in art, dive into the history of the decorative arts at Taranco Palace or absorb the mysticism of the Blanes Museum…

Mercado del Puerto MontevideoWineries: One definitely should not leave Uruguay without having tried Uruguayan wine. The school organizes excursions to wineries in rural Montevideo where you’ll have the opportunity to taste the pride of our country: the Tannat.

Bars and cafes with history: Many of the bars and cafes in Montevideo have been the hub of Uruguayan popular culture since the city’s naissance. We suggest visiting the cafe Tasende, El Café Brasilero, as well as the bars El Hacha, Fun Fun and Los Yuyos. These bars and cafés were once the second homes of the leaders of the literary, political and mu
sic scenes.

bike tour in Montevideo on ramblaOn Wheels: the Rambla de Montevideo is over 20 km long and while it can be toured in full on foot, a leisurely bike ride is a very tempting alternative. What better than to ride along the Montevidean coast, enjoying the beaches and beautiful views, using eco-friendly transport!

Grab your bike and let’s cycle along the Rambla or through the parks and numerous green spaces that the city has to offer.

Tango and Candombre

pintxos (1)

The Tango and the Candombe are two unique forms of rhythmic expression that best illustrate the soul of Uruguay.  Performances of these stunning styles of music and dance are not to be missed.

Candombe and Tango were declared of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2009. Enrol in a class today!


Spanish Workshops

Hispania Schools Uruguay offers Spanish workshops twice a week. Workshops last one hour, are free and provide a unique opportunity to hone different communication skills. Each workshop focuses on the specific needs of the participants to enable them to strengthen their command of Spanish and speak with confidence.

In addition to these workshops, we recommend that you find a partner to practise speaking with, to watch TV, and to listen to local radio stations. In short, you are advised to take advantage of all available opportunities to speak Spanish (on the street, in restaurants, with your host family, etc).


  • Conversation Workshop: This workshop is a space where you can practice your communication skills through exercises and games involving peer interaction.
  • Pronunciation Workshop: In this workshop you will gain speed and learn to speak with precision and accuracy. The teacher will coach you in fun pronunciation exercises so that you become aware of certain Spanish sounds.
  • Audio Workshop: This workshop is a place to interact with other students of the Academy, regardless of their language level. The aim is to practice auditory comprehension through listening exercises and discussion mediated by the teacher.
  • Film Workshop and Discussion: In this workshop we play movies of the most well-known and well-loved Latin American directors, predominantly those of Uruguayan and Argentinean origin. Later, we encourage all participants to discuss and debate the issues raised in the film.


What other country has as much football history as Uruguay?

Hispania Schools Uruguay invites you to participate in various football-related activities.

In 1930 Uruguay hosted the first FIFA World Cup in which 13 countries participated. The matches were played mostly in the grand Centenario Stadium, a stadium built by the architect Juan Scasso with a capacity of 60,000 spectators located in the Parque Batlle neighbourhood.

football champion uruguayLet us take you to “El Centenario,” (as it is known colloquially) the most important stadium in Uruguay. El Centenario has been a Historical Monument of World Football since 1983 and it houses a fantastic Football Museum (as well as a police station and school) located at the foot of the Olympic Grandstand. Deepending on the timing of your visit, you may even be lucky and see a live football match there.

Group outings to the museum occur on average once a month, but if you would like to visit on your own it is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm and admission is around US$5. Inside you can find banners, trophies and uniforms of the Uruguayan national teams of 1924 and 1928, the years that Uruguay won gold at the Olympic Games, as well as from the World-Cup-winning national teams of 1930 and 1950.


Sport Activities

If your passion isn’t football, you can practice beach sports (volleyball, football, kitesurfing etc.), take long walks or go jogging along the Rambla.

At different points along the Rambla you can also find “healthy community spaces.” These are outdoor gyms that are free to the public.bow-and-basket

La Rambla is also ideal for biking or rollerblading, and in Buceo there is even a skate park!

Basketball is another of Uruguayans’ favourite sports.  In October the popular Uruguayan Basketball League starts, playing in gyms around the city over six months, fighting for the championship.

If you want to see Montevidean fans following basketball, we recommend you go to see one of the games of the Aguada team (the 2013 League champions) as they have the greatest number of fans. Going to see a basketball game in Montevideo is without a doubt one of the most exceptional activities available in the city.

In Montevideo you can also find places to practice:

Tai Chi

Yoga: once in the school you can talk to Claudia who, besides being one of our teachers, is also a yoga instructor with extensive experience in hatha and kundalini yoga.




Hang gliding